package simple

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseResource extends core.BaseResource

  2. trait Resource[R] extends BaseResource with ResourceShortcuts

  3. trait ResourceCreate extends core.ResourceCreate

  4. trait ResourceDelete extends core.ResourceDelete

  5. trait ResourceRead extends core.ResourceRead

  6. trait ResourceRouteFilter extends BaseResource with core.ResourceRouteFilter

  7. trait ResourceUpdate extends core.ResourceUpdate

  8. trait ResourceWrite extends core.ResourceWrite

  9. trait RestCrudController[R] extends Resource[R] with ResourceCreate with ResourceRead with ResourceDelete with ResourceWrite

    Classic rest controller: handle GET, POST, PUT and DELETE http methods

  10. trait RestReadController[R] extends Resource[R] with ResourceRead

  11. trait RestRwController[R] extends Resource[R] with ResourceCreate with ResourceRead with ResourceUpdate

    Read and write controller: implements GET, POST and PATCH for partial updates

  12. trait RestRwdController[R] extends RestRwController[R] with ResourceDelete

    Same as RestRWController plus DELETE method

Value Members

  1. object Resource